La Famiglia

One by one us kids are coming home for Christmas, which means I’ll be less busy but a lot more will get done as I bounce ideas off my siblings (we’re one big family of entrepreneurs).

11:44 am: Spent some more time on Tinder (getting real tired of this, might just forget about women while I’m back home and focus on family and business). Testosterone is a blessing if you have the will to use it right — working out, working hard, and being creative — or a curse if you’re weak — chasing women and wasting money.

1:49 am: Went to a family Christmas party, and had a great time socializing with old family friends. Good wine, good food, good people (the formula to a happy life?).

I want to share a little talk I had with a Red Pill family friend, it applies to every man reading this – not just my situation.

He asked me how the girls in Milan are. I said “I think I figured it out, there’s a formula to it. You’ve got to invest at least €200 to get started though. After you make some progress you can chill, but you’re competing with a dozen rich, thirsty europeans.” “€200?!, no you listen, come over here,” he said. He pulled me aside and gave me a talk.

“Let me tell you a little story,” he went on. “I was in the bar across the street from work — and don’t tell ‘nobody about this. So I’m sitting having a drink when this 21 year old girl shows up and sits next to me. We start talking and I say where you from. ‘Chicago,’ she says. I tell her, ‘listen, I’m from Brooklyn. I’m 100% Italian, born and raised here, and it’s people like you who are ruining the place.’ She says, ‘what do you mean?’ all anxious. So I said ‘listen, what’s your background, what’s your story?’ She tells me she ‘Oh I’m this that and the other, and even have a little black in me.’ I said ‘honey, turn around – show me your ass and I’ll tell you if you have any black in you.’ So she did I said ’No,’ — she had a small white ass you know?— ‘there’s no black in you sweat heart.’ — now don’t say nothin’, alright? But you understand. So I don’t want to hear about no ‘Louis Vuitton’ shit. If she wants to be chased by rich guys and wear Prada go ahead and— [gives a little chin flick which says ‘fuck off’]. Because you’ve got to lay down the ground rules right from the start. You gotta be rough with them. None of this Louis Vuitton bullshit. — and hey, if you need my help I’m coming out there. Give me a status report, let me know how it’s going.”