Let’s Try This Again Tomorrow

It’s 9:50 am. I didn’t sleep too well, probably still a bit jet-lagged. Time to conquer the day.

What would make today a success?

Go for a run through the woods

Talk to sister about filming an intro video to my business website

Fix visual builder for my site

Brainstorm different packages and price points

Brainstorm 500 more keywords for new biz with Poland

Clean your room

Read 20 more pages in Verbal Judo book

Spend 20 minutes each on Management, Micro, and Math


11:25 am: I’ve called my hosting company to fix a technical problem with my site, but no dice. Contacted my WordPress theme provider to see if the problem’s on their end. I’ve also found the blog of one of my biggest competitors. His posts go all the way back to 2008, before he started his business. I can study his progress and thoughts and get a glimpse at the road ahead. My roommate who’s now back in Switzerland on holiday texted me about girls and asked how it’s going with a little project of a Belgian girl I’m working on back at university. European girls are completely different than Americans, and your game needs to adjust with it. I’ve found the formula, though. Maybe I’ll make a post about it.

2:22 pm: I went for a run through the local woods, did some bodyweight exercises while I was at it; I’ll hit the gym tomorrow. Did some swiping on Tinder and helped set up Christmas lights. I haven’t been in the mood to charm a girl, take her out for a night in the city, convince her to spend the night with me, rent an AirBnB, and lie to my parents about where I’m spending the night (yes, I was really that thirsty in the past).

3:49 pm: I’ve been spending way too much time on my phone. Still waiting on other people for a few of my tasks, but I need to start opting for a personal development book instead of my iPhone.

5:16 pm: Man do I hate waiting on people. Aside from that, I’ve been having difficulty ignoring distractions, sitting down, and simply getting shit done. I’ve lost a lot of discipline with my easy living in Europe and it’s time to get back into the grind — not the easiest thing to do home for Christmas.

9:58 pm: Well today sucked and I’m really tired, so I’m calling it. I need to turn my phone on airplane mode and check it once an hour or so. I’ve also got to get women out of my mind, or make talking to / going out with girls a reward for getting my shit done.