You Write the Script

When conversing with a potential mate, a higher-up, or anyone new, you’ll undoubtedly encounter tests. These tests are challenging prompts on sensitive issues, and your response carries immense weight and judgement.

You are the puppet master of the conversation; once you fully internalize this, controlling the emotions of others becomes incredibly easy and natural. In American Gigolo, Julian is told by a woman that her husband is far away in New York, insinuating that it’s a-ok to have sex (of course, women will never say this outright). Now, if Julian were to pursue this, it would put her on the pedestal. She has something to offer him (her body), and now he has to please her. Julian, being the debonaire guy that he is, offers no response and instead begins to examine art. He leaves the prompt untouched until the woman grows uncomfortable in the silence, and becomes putty in his hands.

Never underestimate the value of silence. You don’t have to respond to anything, after all. You manifested every conversation you’ve ever had and ever will have; you write the script.