Why Languages Are Sexy

Women are genetically engineered to desire that which points to a future of stability, ease of living, and children. In the past three millennia, if not longer, knowing more than one language meant you traveled often, and traveling often meant you were a merchant. Merchants have been for thousands of years and continue to be the rich and elite of society. Today, those who travel continue to be, more often than not, wealthy. Knowing more than one language, therefore, infers a smart, wealthy, cosmopolitan man with the potential to provide stability for a woman and her children (of course, that is your subconscious magnetism towards women — you don’t, and shouldn’t, fit into what they subconsciously want you to be for them: a source of money and stability). Knowing multiple languages also tells the world you’re adventurous: why learn a language unless you plan to venture through another country?

Today we can learn languages during our commute, while perhaps only traveling a couple miles. Nonetheless, the man who knows more than one language (and is not afraid to show it) is still seen by women as intelligent, determined, fun, adventurous, cool, and debonair.

Languages make the opposite sex absolutely melt. Whenever I’m at a loss for words when talking to a girl at a party, I’ll just bust out in either Italian or French just for the hell of it. Does it make sense? Does it fit into the conversation naturally? Who cares! (see: You Write the Script).

Therefore, learn languages. Not only for women, but for yourself. Learn them to build your résumé, go vagabonding through other countries, and keep your brain active. But ultimately, learn languages to connect with others.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve met or hung out with new people who I instantly connect with through knowledge of a language other than English.

I was visiting a friend once and we went to a party. Now I was the new guy and I didn’t know anyone besides my friend. Of course, I didn’t want to cling onto him the whole night. So after a beer or two, viola, I started speaking random Italian mid-sentence. Oh cool, two girls reply with some French and another with Spanish. I playfully reply back in their tongue. Boom. Instant connectivity; we’re suddenly all best friends.

Or what about the time when I was at a party, pretending I was an exchange student from Italy named Mario, and that girl literally threw herself on top of me.

Or the time when I established rapport with a girl because of our common love for travel (her longing for it and my partaking in it). “Oh my God you’re so exotic,” she said, as she laid down on my lap. One thing I’ve discovered is that women in particular have a deep desire to leave their lives behind and go vagabonding for an extended period of time. Capitalize on this.

Or the time when I was again the new guy at a party, and I made friends with a kid from Macedonia when I told him about my time in Greece and my desire to visit his home country. He thereafter made me feel at home and comfortable, introducing me to his friends and assimilating me into their group.

I can only predict how many times I’ll be meeting a professional contact, or perhaps interviewing for a job, when once again language or travel will come to my aid.

We subconsciously label our friends and contacts; it’s only natural and makes it easier for our brains to organize things. Your boss is probably labelled under “work,” “professional,” and “authority.” Your friend could be labelled under “skateboarder,” “unintelligent,” and “weed,” for example. The deeper the relationship you establish, the more these labels blur. Regardless, what do you get labelled as when you meet someone new with whom you discuss language or travel? That’s right, you’re that fun, adventurous, cool guy who could also be called “sophisticated and cosmopolitan” if you present yourself right.

So go forth and learn languages, travel, and become interesting by being interested in the cultures of others.

And always remember, you write the script. Writing the script is easier with some alcohol in everyone’s system, but you can still, with a bit of practice, write the script of your conversations without it.

Note: mark well the difference between someone who’s “namedropping” and someone who’s writing the script. A scriptwriter makes things flow naturally, doesn’t stumble, and makes the other person prompt him to present his knowledge of a language or experience of travel.

For example, if you’re out to lunch with a girl, don’t straight-out-of-the-gate mention that you speak French. Rather, look at the menu, and say “So what are you getting?” She’ll say “x, what about you?” “Hmm, I think I might imagine I’m in Paris for the day and go with some le bœuf. J’aime le bœuf, et tu?” To which she’ll reply, “wait, you speak French?” “Oui, I spent 3 months in France actually.” It’s smooth sailing from here.

Another point: social media makes this easier — present yourself as adventurous and fun, and your reputation will follow. No need to earn a reputation, nowadays you can quite literally just write it down.


How to Become a King in the 21st Century

Law 34 from the 48 Laws of Power:

Law 34 Be Royal in your Own Fashion: Act like a King to be treated like one

The way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated; In the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you. For a king respects himself and inspires the same sentiment in others. By acting regally and confident of your powers, you make yourself seem destined to wear a crown.

What one can survive without, he will attract. This follows basic universal laws, which say that if one is needy, he will not attract that for which he is needy. If you are desiring money, first ask yourself for what ends. Then set out to achieve those ends without money; set out to be happy without money; set out to embark on worldly adventures without money.

Similarly, if you desire women, examine why this is so. For example, you might say “a girlfriend would make my life more fun.” Fine, this might be true, but first set out to have more fun without the help of your target: women. It is common knowledge that neediness repels women, and this is a common thread for most things in life. Therefore, to attract women, first eliminate your need for women.

A common desire is to travel the world, yet we often forget to look at the world which lies beneath our feet. We’re always traveling the world, aren’t we?

If you desire power, first ask yourself why you desire such an abstract thing. Power is enjoyable; it’s an end to itself, like listening to music.

If you feel conflicted about pursuing power, first examine history. An aside:

Religion, often organized by the State, discourages power because the elite, who first organized religion, want for themselves and their descendants a stability of power. Emperor Constantine legalized and adopted Christianity for the Roman Empire, but only after he met with Church leaders, put together a Bible which would suit the state, and destroyed Gospels of opposing views. Many people feel conflicted in their pursuit for power, money, and multiple women because of religion. Little realize that today’s Christian religion barely resembles the original Christian religion. In reality, we should strive to fill our world with heaven.

From the Gospel of Thomas, which was almost completely erased from history by the Romans:

Jesus said, “If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the (Father’s) kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father’s) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

We should therefore make our earthly lives similar to the heaven we desire. Stop waiting for the perfect life, it doesn’t exist. The only thing that exists is the life you’re currently living, so enjoy it as much as you can.

Therefore, if you desire power, act as if you are already powerful. Follow Law 34, and act like royalty. Act like Richard Wagner, the great composer who once said:

I am not made like other people. I must have brilliance and beauty and light.

Royalty has a sense of a higher purpose, advancing the interests of their nation. Also from Wagner:

I let myself be guided without fear by my instinct. I am being used as an instrument for something higher than my own being warrants… I am in the hands of the immortal genius that I serve for the span of my life and that intends me to complete only what I can achieve.

With this thinking in mind, Richard Wagner became one of history’s greatest composers. He lived a powerful, famous, rich life; and with this mentality, so will you.

In order to adopt a mentality so that you may live it without effort, you must dedicate effort to live it. From this point on, live with an air of regality; cease your old ways of peasantry and you shall soon become royal.

Think royal, dress royal, associate with the royal, live royal, and you will become royal — inside and out.


Takeaways from today’s lesson:

  • We attract what we don’t need. To gain something, act and think as if you already have it.
  • Do not let the elite of two millennias ago keep you from becoming powerful. Eliminate any conflicting beliefs that will deter you from attaining power, women, and riches.

You Write the Script

When conversing with a potential mate, a higher-up, or anyone new, you’ll undoubtedly encounter tests. These tests are challenging prompts on sensitive issues, and your response carries immense weight and judgement.

You are the puppet master of the conversation; once you fully internalize this, controlling the emotions of others becomes incredibly easy and natural. In American Gigolo, Julian is told by a woman that her husband is far away in New York, insinuating that it’s a-ok to have sex (of course, women will never say this outright). Now, if Julian were to pursue this, it would put her on the pedestal. She has something to offer him (her body), and now he has to please her. Julian, being the debonaire guy that he is, offers no response and instead begins to examine art. He leaves the prompt untouched until the woman grows uncomfortable in the silence, and becomes putty in his hands.

Never underestimate the value of silence. You don’t have to respond to anything, after all. You manifested every conversation you’ve ever had and ever will have; you write the script.

How to Walk

Most men have been so conditioned by society that they forget how to walk. Let us, therefore, learn the ways of the debonaire men before us.



The Stroll

The Power Walk

Walk slowly, but walk with purpose. Notice the difference between Putin’s power walk and the stroll. Both are important to learn, and both are appropriate for different situations.

Walk like you know something nobody else does. Live in the moment, examine things, feel happy to be alive, be present, curious, and playful.

Notice how Sean Connery combines the power walk with the stroll.

Tony Stark offers yet another great combination — productive, assertive, powerful, yet present.


  • Match your walking style with the situation. When walking down the sidewalk, be curious, friendly, playful, and confident; when walking to the conference room to negotiate a deal, practice the power walk: eyes directly ahead, put an hawkish face on, glare your eyes a bit, walk with purpose.
  • Walk as if you own the place, and those around you are just guests in your wonderful version of reality. Truth is, you do and they actually are.
  • Spine straight, shoulders back, never frown, lips either closed or very slightly open.
  • Whenever you walk, make remarks to yourself and others about the present environment. This will not only train you to effortlessly stock your arsenal for conversation, but helps you enjoy the journey.
  • Embrace the walk, relish the attention, enjoy being a boss. Notice how the debonair men in the videos seemed genuinely happy to partake in the simple activity of walking. If you’re feeling weak, repeat affirmations; change your mindset and your body language will follow. Remind yourself of past noble achievements, relive moments of masculinity, recall a joke and get in a laughing mood, then get back to the present.
  • Never fiddle with your hands; they should almost always be out of your pockets. Pockets provide us with a sense of protection and comfort from the outside world — you don’t need that, you’re better than that. Remember, all of this belongs to you; you have nothing to fear.
  • Look into the eyes of those you pass by, potential mate or not.
  • Show the fierce competitiveness of your spirit when you pass by the Wall Street broker, nod (downwards) and show him you’re of the same level, you understand each other on a level most people don’t.
  • Tease the girls who pass by and pull them in with your eyes as your body confidently strolls away; be playful, smile, make them wonder why you’re so happy. Do you have a girlfriend? Girlfriends? Are you filthy rich? Do you know something they don’t? Give your shoulders more freedom to sway, make it smooth and fun. Look them in the eyes with a playful smirk, then, when it’s time to look away, chuckle and look away. You might want to add a prolonged blink in between to smooth the process of looking away. If she’s into it, the last moment offer a playful comment: “Hey there darlin’.” If you’re really feeling the connection, turn your body and walk backwards for a second or two as your part ways. If she looks back at you, she’s yours, just reel her in with a fun: “you’re gonna regret walkin’ away sweetheart.” She’ll laugh and then you’ll say, “come back here and give me your number.”
  • Always remember (and understanding this will subconsciously affect your body language): these girls are your creations; there are at least a billion other girls who have something better to offer you (hell, there’s a better one down at the next corner). Furthermore they exist only for you. Why else would you manifest them? Abundance mentality will only further attract women (and men, for the matter). It is human nature to want what we can’t have.
  • Don’t only make eye contact with those you feel you can gain something from. You can learn anything, all the time and everywhere, from anyone. Practice is how we get better; failing is how we really improve.
  • Don’t even think about touching your phone in public unless you’re making a call, in which case you can still practice the aforementioned techniques. Being on the phone makes you seem wanted and therefore more attractive in certain situations. Just don’t fake a call; you need to get into the mindset of doing things only when it serves you. Being subservient to the opinions of others is certainly not debonaire.

Some extra tips:

Note, as commenter Nero Avgvstvs warns: you don’t want to take large wide steps because that usually conveys clumsiness. Keep your steps equal and balanced, this conveys that you are at equilibrium and in control of your body and environment. Another thing I’m going to have to point out is the flip-flops. You can be dominant and click-clack, flip flops are, in my opinion, clumsy feminine shoes. The chance of slipping out of one of them, tripping, and the noise is just not at all intimidating. My personal preference is steel toed boots, or a pair of nikes. The shirt you wear looks like you rolled up a short sleeved shirt so that we can all gaze upon your tattoos, which mainly only beta males get nowadays in order to try and make people think they are alpha males but it does the opposite. I usually wear an undershirt and a button-up shirt on time, mainly dark solid colors, along with blue jeans with no rips or holes, and a pair of sunglasses which I agree with you on, as it leaves you unpredictable. A true alpha male doesn’t need to show off his muscles, tattoos, or money to convey dominance. The main weapon of an alpha male is his presence and voice. An alpha male should always maintain a calm and in control demeanor, as it conveys that he is not shaken up by what is going on around him, nor is he distracted from his purpose. He is conveying true alpha male leadership qualities — qualites that people will look at and will want to follow.

The Captain of My Soul



Out of the night that covers me,
      Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
      For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance
      I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
      My head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears
      Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
      Finds and shall find me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul.