Let Us Call the Sommelier

To the few reading this: you are blessed. You are blessed to stumble upon a this website. You have manifested the circumstance which has brought you here. I applaud you for your abundant thoughts which has beautifully crafted this very moment. Savor this moment, for this and every moment is a gift of the Divine.

Life is a journey, and the only destination is death. Let us not, then, focus on what’s to come but rather what exists in the present. Let us dine on the feast of our journey. Let us call the sommelier and order our wine.

We are born into this world holding a blank slate — but let us not forget to first examine the slate. What is the slate? Has it scratches or scars? Digest these, know thyself, then go forth to scratch upon your slate the journey of your dreams.

Here I will discover the Divine Intelligence. Here you can discover my discovery and journey through my journey, so that you may also wade through rivers, climb mountains, and breathe wild wind.

Ventura Highway in the sunshine
Where the days are longer
The nights are stronger than moonshine
You’re gonna go I know

I have manifested my life, and I am proud it. I want better; I want more. I have studied my desires, myself, and the philosophies. I have deduced them into an all-encompassing statement of faith and expectation: I am a debonair millionaire.

I will set out to become a debonair millionaire, measuring progress with an intricate system which will keep me on track. I will continue to draw knowledge from the Infinite Intelligence, share it with you, apply it to my journey, and share results. I’ve turned the page; turn it with me.

Journey on.